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Weighted Grades

If you with to "weight" your grades by category, such as homework, tests, participation, etc..., then you will have to make a number of adjustments to your gradebook (which is initially set up to work with a "total points" system).

Here is a summary of what needs to be done:
1.  Under the configuration view, you will need to delete the group "classwork" (unless one of your categories is actually going to be classwork.  Do NOT delete the "Mark" group!

2.  Use the add button to put your grading categories in as groups.  For example, add a Tests category that will count 60% toward the grade (given a weight of 60) and has a default point value of 100.  Continue doing this until all your categories are included and the weights should add to 100.

3. Make sure the "Include Calculated Assignments in Overall Calculation"  box in the lower right-hand corner of the configuration menu is NOT checked.

4.  Set the default group  in configuration to whatever grading category you will be adding to most often in the gradebook (such as homework).

5.  Make sure the "Total Points (ignore group weights)" box is NOT checked in the configuration menu.

At this point, your configuration menu should look something like this:

6.  Now go to assignment view.  All of your midterm and quarter calculations need to be "tweaked," but leave the semester grades alone.  Click on each of the calculations that need to be changed, one at a time, and go to the bottom-center where it says "Calculate on Members of."  Here you need to use the drop-down menu and change it to <overall>.  

7.  That should be it!  See me, Trina, or Dianne if you have any questions. Once the gradebook starts filling up, be sure to pick a sample student and manually calculate the grade to see if everything is working okay.

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