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Setting Up Family Link

Get your FAMILY LINK settings ready:

The two most important things to remember about Family Link and online grades:
1.  Have the date ranges correct (showing the current quarter) and remember to change them every grading period!   (If you "subscribe" to this blog by email, then you should receive a notification from the blog reminding you to do this each quarter!)
2.  Know how to take a look and "see" what parents/students are seeing.  This helps you adjust the settings to suit your needs. Use the following steps to do so (can't post a video because student information appears):
         A.  Under the Module menu, go to "student detail."
         B.  Click on "current progress."
         C.  In the selector drop down menu at the top of the page, choose a student from the class in                     which you are interested.
         D.  Click on the "report" link on the left side of the schedule for your particular class.
         E.  What you now see is exactly what the parent or student will see when accessing your class                  using FamilyLink.

To get to to your Family Link settings:
Follow the path:   Home -->  Utility -->  Gradebook -->  FamilyLink setup
Watch this video to see how:    Getting to the Settings Menu

Did you know?  Students and parents can see missing work from ALL classes in one convenient location.  (The link is hidden unless a student is missing work.)  Be sure to have your Family Link settings properly configured to reflect missing work. Everybody will have different preferences on how to handle missing work, but personally this is the way that I handle it:
      - I leave a blank in the gradebook for assignments that are missing and can still be turned in.
      - In my configuration, I count missing marks as zeros
     - I enter a "P" in my gradebook for work that has been turned in, but I have not gotten around to             grading yet (the P prevents it from counting as a zero toward the grade)
     - I enter an "EX" in my gradebook for work that is missing but does not need to be made up (the              assignment is "excused).
     - Once a zero is entered into my gradebook, the assignment is no longer able to be worked on and          the grade of zero will stand.
     - To use this system, I need to have the marks P and EX included in my mark table (under
       utility --> gradebook --> configure mark table, included in the 01/02 mark table with no numbers        or check boxes filled in)
Here is a screenshot of my personal setup for Family Link:

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