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New Teachers start here!

After meeting with you on Thursday, I realized that there were a couple of issues that I wish would've been "caught" before:
    - As a new teacher, you need to import the district's "mark table" before you start with any of the other instructions on setting up your gradebook.  Detailed instructions on how to do this are listed below.
    - Fran needs to do some things on her end before it becomes available, but attendance is taken through the gradebook as well!  If will appear as a "module" when she finishes, and is pretty self-explanatory.  One nice feature under the view menu is a seating chart option.

Please email or talk to me if you have any questions in completing these necessary steps!
1.  Click on "Utility" (on the top or the left)
2.  Click "Gradebook"
3.  Click "Import Mark Tables"
4.  Select "Secondary Mark Tables"
5.  Click on 01/02 Mark Table
6.  Be sure to click the "submit" button on the bottom left.

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