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Beginning of the Year Procedures

All procedures/videos are explained using Google Chrome.  Please make sure that is the browser that you are using on your computer!

Some videos are of low quality (done with an ipad videoing a computer screen), and others are of higher quality (done with a Google extension called Screencastify - let me know if you''re interested in using it yourself and I can help you...).

Please delete any "old" shortcuts/bookmarks for the gradebook and replace it with the new address that we are supposed to be using:
Video explaining how to do this:  getting rid of the old

Make a new gradebook link for yourself using one or more of the following methods:
Using your bookmarks:  bookmarks
Using a set of tabs that opens every time you open Chrome:  tabs
Using a shortcut on your desktop:  shortcut
Using the school website: website

Creating your classes 
1.  Pull in your classes:  adding gradebooks
2.  Pull in your calculated columns for grading periods:   importing calculations
3.  Change your configuration settings  configuration settings
      (do this for every individual class, no way to make a "mass" change)
      (hit the "Submit" button at the end!!!)
4.  Update your mark tables:  mark tables
      (if necessary - those of us who did it already last year this may still be correct)
      (again don't forget to hit the bloody "submit" button)

Do your first backup!
Why backups are important:   protect yourself
How to do it:   back up (pretty please...)

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